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About Center of Electoral Systems Development, Reforms and Trainings – Legal Entity of Public Law

Legal Entity of Public Law - Center of Electoral Systems Development, Reforms and Trainings was founded pursuant to the amendments proposed for December 28, 2009 in Organic Act "Election Code of Georgia".

Goals and tasks of Center activity intend to support introduction of competitive political system, rising of voters' confidence towards election procedures and arrangement of impartial, transparent elections. Considering the above said, Center will accomplish its activities towards various directions:

  • Supporting of election reforms;
  • Within the line of competence, working out of proposals and recommendations for improving election systems;
  • Trainings and re-qualification of election administration staff, political parties, NGOs, mass media representatives, voters' corps and other interested persons;
  • Via close cooperation with international organization, accomplishing of joint projects for supporting election institute development and reforms;
  • Supporting the development of parties and non-governmental sector and creating of healthy, competitive political systems, through their financial provision;
  • For effective fulfillment of taken functions, inviting of relevant field experts;
  • Fulfilling of other authorities permitted by the legislation of Georgia.


Target audience of the Center:

  • Election Administration
  • Political Parties
  • Media
  • NGOs
  • Voters
  • Other interested persons

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